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Welcome to Dranopia

To get a sense of how the Dragons came to our world, watch the Dranopia Trailer or have a read about the History of Dranopia – enjoy and help those wonderful creatures to bring them back to life!

Discover this wonderful world and it’s Residents! Breed new dragons in Second Life® with the four basic dragons. Repopulate this wonderful world based on the main elements, which have survived the catastrophe: Fire, Water, Air and Earth



Fly your dragon from the first minute. It is easy to control, like your avatar. You can also share your dragon with your friends so that they enjoy coming to admire the scenery from above.





you decide…

…what skills your Dranopia Dragons are going to have
…how your Dranopia Dragons will look like
…how well your Dranopia Dragons will fly with you
…who else can fly with your Dranopia Dragons
…where and when you want to breed your Dranopia Dragons


Share everything with your friends, your dragons, your harmony items and your great expierences at Dranopia. Go to great partys and events, meet other people.



Play games with us, experience an incredible adventure, discover new lands and creatures.

Are you ready to be part of the story?

then start now…


You decide how the story ends

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