Let’s talk about the harmony

The harmony of the dragon affects the following things:

1.  the duration of pregnancy (you see the duration in the local chat under: info –> conditions)

2.  the duration of the recovery period of a male dragon after snuggeling

3.  a little bit of the probability of an entirely new dragon

4. the fly characteristics increase

There are three ways to increase the harmony:

1. fly with your dragon, the longer the better

2. give him one or more Candys, they increase the harmony quickly and saturate your dragon

3.  place harmony products around your dragons, paying attention to the respective points in the descriptionline of the product or on the vendors.
Not all harmonie products enhance the harmony like the other.
Harmonie products also increase the harmony slowly but permanently.
In contrast to the Candys this source is not depleted.
A harmonie product acts on all the dragons with the matching birth element.

at last a little tip: the harmony points do not end at 100