How do you present your own Dranopia nests?

There are three good ways to draw attention to another breeder that you would like to share a nest.

1.  Present your nest on your land

There, you should set up your nests and make the information easily accessible to visitors.
For example:

~ what gender is this dragon?
~ what kind is it?
~ which generation is it?

All other information is know about the nest itself.

share the Landmark to your land for example at the groups and write in your landoptions about the dragons, so that it can be found by SL-search.

More information about the search in SL you find here

2.  Use the Second Life Marketplace

If you do not have much space and prims for disposal, you can present your nests in Second Life Marketplace. How this works you can read here.

At the Marketplace, you should, all other information about the nest place to dispose.

Element, Circle, gender, speed, recovery, Dexterity, Stamina, Horns, Eyes, Wings, Ascendix,

And also the ancestors of this nest are important.

3. Tell it to the group

* Dranopia Dragons Advertising * and/or Dranopia breeder (find both groups in SL when you use the SL search function and type Dranopia, both are for for free)

Of course, both groups for the exchange of Dranopia dragons are suitable. But please, mainly uses the advertising group to present to your nests, because we want all others in the Dranopia Breeder group give the possibility to ask questions and/or  exchange ideas.

If you have more questions about that topic, drop me a notecard.

with best wishes and all my love, 

p.s. I have make a box where you can find  textures, landmarks and signs to showcase your nests. These box is not a “must have” , only a help ;) You get them in either group messages as an attachment or you ask me.

All objects and textures in this box (Dranopia breeder box) may not be used for resale. We assume no responsibility for further given Dranopia Dragons. We ask you to responsibly deal with the name “Dranopia” and not to abuse it. For more information on the topic Second owner, please read our TOS on the website.