and the winners are…

the Dranopia Quest game is over. The 10 winners are:


1.  Cap Lowey -on- Fred Fire -with- 400 -Pts
2. Qwark Allen -on- Pascal Air -with- 294 -Pts
3. Zeina Zehetbauer -on- Leonie Air -with- 265 -Pts
4. Ember Neximus -on- Leonie Air -with- 265 -Pts
5. Ladro Slade -on- Leonie Air -with- 242 -Pts
6. Sioda Ulrik -on- Leonie Air -with- 240 -Pts
7. Belack Zenovka -on- Leonie Air -with- 231 -Pts
8. BillyJo Flaks -on- Leonie Air -with- 220 -Pts
9. Starlite Vella -on- Leonie Air -with- 220 -Pts
10. Fabry String -on- Leonie Air -with- 217 –Pts

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants.

I have naturally made ​​their way to the first place winner and asked for a little interview.
And Cap Lowey was talking to me and answer. ;)

Leni: congrats again, my first question is…how did you make that?

Cap: First, I have studied the region. I’ve been looking all pink diamonds. Later, I was thinking about the value of each diamond and have come to the realization that it is best just to collect the pink diamonds. Then I tried as soon as possible to fly from one diamond to the other. First I tried it with Pascal Air.

Leni: Yeah right, the air dragon. Most have tried it with him.

Cap: After a while I found out that the fire dragon is better. He is faster, but you must know exactly how fast you have to fly in some places. So I practiced with him.

Leni: Do you have the water dragon and the earth dragons tried?

Cap: yes, the water dragon is good, but not fast enough. And I needed acceleration, and as much as possible. The most important was speed, coupled with control.

Leni: The dragons are indeed to breed. You will now grow your own Dragon?

Cap: oh yes, of course

Leni: I am very excited and looking forward to your own dragon, maybe even the next game.

Leni: Now my last question: Would you give all the other perhaps a tip? Maybe good to know for the next game.

Cap: yes, i would like ;)

Leni: Please tell me there, maybe I can fly even better next time. ;)

Cap: Sure, you will fly better when you are practicing more.

Leni laughs.

Cap: Would you like to know what is the best way to achieve a good score? ;)

Leni: sure

Leni: Have you cheated?

Cap: No, but I can show you. I removed all the scripts from my avatar to as little as possible to have lag.

Leni is thinking: Maybe that’s the big secret behind his big score.

Leni: Thank you, Cap, for your time. I hope you also see in the next game. And since we are already talking about the next big issue.


The region remains Dranopia quest until 16 February still open. Then it will be closed for two weeks. We build in the meantime already in the new game. The adventure must go on …


Leni whispers: It will be great, new rules and new surroundings, a new story about the Dranopia dragons and of course the good old dragon fly.

News you can find on our website, or in the Darnopia Breeder group. Stay tuned, see you soon.

with best wishes and all my love,