NEW Item Flight HUD

Hello at all,

we have a new item called Dranopia Flight Dashboard and it is a HUD to get a better overview, when you fly with a Dranopia Dragon (since version 3.0).

Wearing the HUD:

Wear the Dranopia Flight Dashboard as a HUD simple if you touch it by right click on the unpacked Dashboard item and choose “wear”.
After attaching the Dashboard it is active and will connect to every Dranopia dragon you ride (since version 3.0)

Deactivating the HUD:

If you want to deactivate it, to save some screen space,
you can push the green dragon button on the left side of the HUD. The Dashboard will then minimize itself to a purple dragon button.

Reactivate the HUD:

Push the purple Dragon button  and HUD  will unfold itself

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The Displays of the Dashboard:

At the left  side  you can see thermometer.

This corresponds to the power throttle  of the dragon which you are controlling by the arrow up and down keys.
The more  you stay in the green or yellow part of the power the longer  you will be able to fly the dragon without exhausting it.

In the middle you see a speedometer

This corresponds to the actual speed of the dragon (meter per second)

At the right  side you can see a battery

This corresponds to the condition  of the dragon that decreases depending on the power. You will notice that the  lower the battery the  slower the dragon will fly.