Can not find your dragons?

Now it´s easy with the new search HUD.


you can get it  here

How to use the Search HUD :
1. Wear it
2. Touch it

The HUD  will search for all your dragons in the same region
and  will give  a display in the open chat that can look like this:

[06:21] Personal Dragon Finder: Dragon:Catty is at <155.09380, 153.09380, 3000.55200>
[06:21] Personal Dragon Finder: Dragon:Jupiter is at <154.90630, 166.90630, 3000.57400>

That  means  that there are two dragons of you in this region.
For example Catty who is at 155,153   which means  about in the middle of the sim and  at a hight of 3000 meters.