Anna`s Dranopia at SL9B

Hello at all,

Dragonsworn Park opened a Parcel on Monday June 18th to help celebrate Second Life’s 9th birthday! We are having at least one event every day to celebrate – and giving away free teddy bears, free balloons, and during events free eggs.

Amongst our fair stands is a stand for Dranopia, a stand for art, and the stands for balloons and teddy bears. There are two carousel rides available as well. Don’t forget to get your pictures taken in the dragon and cake cut-outs!

Hope to see you there! Enjoy!


Our parcel for SL9B is located here

Monday from 6-7 PM SL:
*SL9B Parcel*
Calling all dragon lovers and fans – today from 6PM SL to 7 PM SL Annakari will be at the SL9B parcel playing dragon trivia and giving away nests (Assortment of Dranopia, Precious and Bregons) with a number of cute Wyrmwood fairy eggs mixed in the mix. Come on down and join the party!

Tuesday from 9AM SL to 11 AM SL:
*SL9B Parcel*

Snuggle PARTY

! Wear your dragons and cute costumes and hop on over to the SL9B parcel for a 2 hour morning snuggle event. Free egg-giveaway again during this event!

Wednesday from 5PM to 7PM SL:
*SL9B Parcel*
All Celtic and Classical – get your Medieval clothes and come on down to dance – free egg giveaway if there are any left.

Thursday from 3PM – 5PM SL:

*SL9B Parcel*
Field trip! Stop in at 3 and join Anna and Chris in exploring more of the SL9B Party zone!

Saturday from 1PM to 3PM SL:
*Dragonsworn Park*

Snuggle Party in the park! Be there and bring some dragons! IF there are any eggs left from the giveaway they will be available then.