SECRET AUCTION get a Circula 1 Dragon


the first lowest unique bid auction


Lowest unique bid auction are thrilling. You do your shopping and get a rush of adrenaline along the way. Everyone loves to win with their brainpower. By simple strategy anyone can win items at a price much below value.

It is very easy. In lowest unique bid auctions, players sealed bid for an item. The winner is whoever places the lowest bid, provided that it is also unique.


*******How the SECRET DRAGON AUCTION Works******

1. Touch the sign of your favorite Dragons
2. Type your bid  in the little popup window (please only whole numbers, example 183  and NOT 183.50)
3. Press submit (in German: senden)
4. in a personal IM you can read when your offer is registered
5. no one else knows what you have bid

Here are the rules:

~ you can bid 5 times per day for each Dragon
~ the auctions ends at 18.08.12 at midnight UST
~ the winners are announced during the Street Fair end event on 19.08.12 (August 19, 2012)
~ when someone bids the same as your bid, your bid is canceled

here are an example:

1.you bid on the female lava dragon 23L$ and also 25L$
2. then another SL member bids on the same dragon for 23L$ and 57L$
3. then your second bid is cancelled (it will also be cancelled for any others that place the same exact bid)
4. which leaves your first bid (25 L$) in the race until some else bids the same amount