“I am honest, I’m a fairy…. and fairies are crazy for shoes and cheese and stamps … I love that too …

but …

most recently, I’m addicted to the smell of gas…

…..and this can be blamed on GIFTS!!! GIFTS!!! GIFFTS!!!! that i have recently recieved. Incredible gifts!


First of all i recieved an awesome pink motorbike from Chris Dragonsworn. And this bike has three wheels, as if he knew I had problems with balance.

 And to make the vehicle perfect for me…. he has also built a pocket for candies. And so everyone knows who this hot part belongs … my name is on it *evil laughing*


. if you you want to see more crazy bikes from Chris go there (Big Chris’ Custom Designs and Bikes
(BC) The RIGHT place when you want a unique appearance for your bikes…)

And totalally unexpectected i got a super cute mini car from Koypcem Beck .

Perhaps you don´t see it, but also there is my name on it ;)

And this is no ordinary car paint …. no … I think this is dragon skin … but I am sure that this can only be an imitation.




After i tried out my new gifts I startet wondering why i have recieved the gifts….it is because they think my wings don´t work?

;) …. thank you that you remember me and make such great work…HUGS Leni