the winners of the secret dragon auction are

Sakura Lava
1001 L$;Galadriel Fairywren

Philipos Smoke
291 L$;Falknor Resident

Medea Steam
157 L$;Morytania Resident

Malvina Mude
198 L$;Monavie Voight

Leonidas Sand
89 L$;Tiffany1 Atisso

Kyra Sand
400 L$;shewoolf Turquoise

Julia Ice
1325 L$;TracyMay Resident

Ikaros Steam
98 L$;Mrs Jillybean

Nathair Mude
2000 L$;Basona Melody

Aurelius Ice
76 L$;Saga Cobalt

Artemis Smoke
29 L$ ;Annakari Genesis

Akashir Lava
698L$ ;Saga Cobalt

CONGRATZ to all!!! please pay the money at CIARAN MAKTOUM when you win, he will pay all the money to RFL…. and congratz BASONA for win the great Dranopia bike

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