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Affiliate program at Dranopia

become a affiliate partner and be part of our wonderful team

we support you with free landscaping items, website entrys about you and your events. We give you also Dranopia vendors and you can earn commission.

if you want to be a affilitate partner then you should meet the following requirements:

1. Basic knowledge of Dranopia, to aswer maybe questions from other breeders
2. You should have land, minimum one fourth region
3. You should have a market area, where other breeders can offer their Dranopia Dragons
4. You perform a regular event in the month (snuggle party and / or auction event)
5. Dranopia Dragons are to be displayed at your land

if you want to become a partner and fulfill the requirements, please contact Leni Galli in second life.

 Our Partners (read here more about)

Mozart Dragon market                                                   Feenstreet market

Dragonsworn park                                                          Tiger Rose Island






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