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Here we show you nice locations that we found, where you can present your nests and dragons.  If you know even more beautiful places, please let us know so we can complete the list.

Fenstreet (moderate)

This place combines the best breedable animals in one area. A large market allows you to find rare breeds or even to offer. In this pleasant atmosphere makes it really fun to discover the huge world of Second Life Breedables. The owner is a small encyclopedia about breedable animals, it is very exciting to hear what he has to say… Have fun exploring this enormous market.

Moderator are: Mr. Spider Magic (ub.magic)

here is the taxi to Fenstreet

Tiger Rose Island (moderate)

In this place you can make your passion for dragons, combine with the passion for music. At Falk’s forgotten Dragons place you can offer your own dragons, or hang out and admire his dragons (if you want to offer your own dragon please write Falknor an IM). A few meters higher, you can go dance with your dragon, meet other breeders or simply enjoy the great music at the CLUB 13. Later it will be here also auctions, the dates for the club events and the auctions you can see in our event calendar.

Moderator are: Falknor

here is the taxi to Tiger Rose Island


Mozart Region (adult) !!!MOVED TO THIS NEW REGION!!!

An extraordinary beautiful fantasy landscape in which the dragon feel very well. Your Dragon can be feel there also good, because you get there free Hamonie.  It has a Market where you can rent some space to display your dragons. Also here regularly hosts snuggle parties.  The owner is a really friendly person, who loves to answer your questions over Dranopia Dragons. Dates for the snuggle parties you will find on the snuggle event site.

Moderator are: ღ ƿşYĊħє ღ (monavie.voight)

here is the Taxi to Mozart Region

Steel Horses (moderate)

This place is breathtaking, there are so many different dragons to admire. With attention to detail, a beautiful dragons landscape was created that invites you to stay. In a huge castle, you can display your dragon. Also here regularly hosts snuggle parties. You can also always ask the owner if a dragon is ready to snuggle with your dragon. A visit is worthwhile, if only to admire the smoke dragon. Dates for the snuggle parties you will find on the snuggle event site

Moderators are: Annakari Dragonsworn and Christoph Dragonsworn

here is the taxi to the Dragonsworn Park





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