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NEW!!! Path of Ancients is open again…


Hello Breeders,
we open the The Path of Ancients again with a new feature.
Now you get for each released Dragon gem stones.
You can collect them with your new Dranopia Express Card and get items from the terminals.
How the path works you can read here.
Have fun with Dranopia

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the winners of the secret dragon auction are
Sakura Lava
1001 L$;Galadriel Fairywren
Philipos Smoke
291 L$;Falknor Resident
Medea Steam
157 L$;Morytania Resident
Malvina Mude
198 L$;Monavie Voight
Leonidas Sand
89 L$;Tiffany1 Atisso
Kyra Sand
400 L$;shewoolf Turquoise
Julia Ice
1325 L$;TracyMay Resident
Ikaros Steam
98 L$;Mrs Jillybean
Nathair Mude
2000 L$;Basona Melody
Aurelius Ice
76 L$;Saga Cobalt
Artemis Smoke
29 L$ ;Annakari Genesis
Akashir Lava
698L$ ;Saga Cobalt
CONGRATZ to all!!! please pay the money at CIARAN MAKTOUM when [...]

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“I am honest, I’m a fairy…. and fairies are crazy for shoes and cheese and stamps … I love that too …
but …
most recently, I’m addicted to the smell of gas…

…..and this can be blamed on GIFTS!!! GIFTS!!! GIFFTS!!!! that i have recently recieved. Incredible gifts!
First of all i recieved an awesome pink motorbike from [...]

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SECRET AUCTION get a Circula 1 Dragon

secret auction

the first lowest unique bid auction

Lowest unique bid auction are thrilling. You do your shopping and get a rush of adrenaline along the way. Everyone loves to win with their brainpower. By simple strategy anyone can win items at a price much below value.
It is very easy. In lowest unique bid auctions, players sealed bid [...]

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UPDATE your nests…

empty nests exchanger

you can update your nests here
Empty nest exchange (since version date 2012-03-17):

filled nests exchange (version date since 2012-05-20)

if you have any question please write Leni Galli or Ciaran Maktoum a message

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Anna`s Dranopia at SL9B


Hello at all,
Dragonsworn Park opened a Parcel on Monday June 18th to help celebrate Second Life’s 9th birthday! We are having at least one event every day to celebrate – and giving away free teddy bears, free balloons, and during events free eggs.
Amongst our fair stands is a stand for Dranopia, a stand for art, [...]

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design your own natural landscape…


We love the nature….

We have built three stone elements, sounds unspectacular first, but they are incredible.
First among them, of course, they give your dragons Harmony (for water and earth). Secondly, they are 100%  mesh and have only a few prims. Thirdly, you can choose between three different textures and 4 different sizes. And of [...]

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we close the current game

Unfortunately we have to close the current game
because of technical problems.
We take part in a linden beta program  that helps us
to optimize our next game. Unfortunately this causes
some problems with  the physics of our Dranopia quest Part 2.
The advantage in this is that this will enable us to
bring our next  game sooner then planed.
We’re really [...]

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new harmony items available…

harmony flowers

We love the nature….
thats why we have some new really natural looking harmony items for you,  here are the details:

~ only 2 Prims each flower at 100% size (1 prims at 50% size)
~100% mesh
~ increases the Harmony permanent
~ +4  Harmony Points (owner)
~ or + 2 Harmony points (group)
~ or + 1 Harmony Points (all)
~ menu [...]

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The game continues…

The game “the revolt of the forgotten” goes into the second round.
Until  June first did you have once again the possibility to fly in the endless tunnel, and win great prizes again.
If you want to know how you can play the game touch here.

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