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SECRET AUCTION get a Circula 1 Dragon

secret auction

the first lowest unique bid auction

Lowest unique bid auction are thrilling. You do your shopping and get a rush of adrenaline along the way. Everyone loves to win with their brainpower. By simple strategy anyone can win items at a price much below value.
It is very easy. In lowest unique bid auctions, players sealed bid [...]

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Anna`s Dranopia at SL9B


Hello at all,
Dragonsworn Park opened a Parcel on Monday June 18th to help celebrate Second Life’s 9th birthday! We are having at least one event every day to celebrate – and giving away free teddy bears, free balloons, and during events free eggs.
Amongst our fair stands is a stand for Dranopia, a stand for art, [...]

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we close the current game

Unfortunately we have to close the current game
because of technical problems.
We take part in a linden beta program  that helps us
to optimize our next game. Unfortunately this causes
some problems with  the physics of our Dranopia quest Part 2.
The advantage in this is that this will enable us to
bring our next  game sooner then planed.
We’re really [...]

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The game continues…

The game “the revolt of the forgotten” goes into the second round.
Until  June first did you have once again the possibility to fly in the endless tunnel, and win great prizes again.
If you want to know how you can play the game touch here.

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and the winner are…

The Game “the Revolt of the Forgotten” is over and the winner are:
1. 13550 -on- Pascal Air -with- Fransisco Vita
2. 13530 -on- Leonie Air -with- Lenna Wyx
3. 13285 -on- Leonie Air -with- Rory Gartner
4. 13015 -on- Mad Fire -with- Maddy Gynoid
5. 12515 -on- Pascal Air -with- Arasmus Davidov
6. 12495 -on- Leonie Air -with- bvlp Resident
7. [...]

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Affiliate program starts now…


Hello dear Dranopia Breeders,
we were looking for wonderful places that might be useful for you. Second Owner shops, auctions, and later Snuggleparty places.
Every place we present to you, we can highly recommend.
We also look forward to more places that you notify us. If you know a great place, please send a notecard to Leni Galli [...]

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Path of ancienst is open

Right there you will be able to release your Dragon into freedom. Your Dragon will say GoodBye and leave a crystal behind in order to be remembered by you. That special crystal can be kept as a souvenir and is able to give you ongoing information about your released dragon and its ancestors.
For each returned [...]

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new game start…


Our new game is opened. From 15 March 07.00 PDT you can experience the new adventure itself.
Dranopia Quest Part 2 -the Revolt of the Forgotten- bigger, faster, harder and more fun…
Visit the new game at the Virtual Services region. Learn all about the rules of the game and discover the history, see pictures and a [...]

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Happy Valentinsday…


Today we have our great Snuggle-Event, i´m looking forward to seeing you. For the event we have a new location, because we want the best for you…means… less lag, more people and a great landscaping
Date: 14th February 2012
Time: 11.00 Second Life time
Where: at Stormbringer Enterprises
and i wish every member of the Dranopia Family [...]

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and the winners are…


the Dranopia Quest game is over. The 10 winners are:
1.  Cap Lowey -on- Fred Fire -with- 400 -Pts
2. Qwark Allen -on- Pascal Air -with- 294 -Pts
3. Zeina Zehetbauer -on- Leonie Air -with- 265 -Pts
4. Ember Neximus -on- Leonie Air -with- 265 -Pts
5. Ladro Slade -on- Leonie Air -with- 242 -Pts
6. Sioda Ulrik -on- Leonie Air [...]

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