Dranopia Quest Part 2

Revolt of the Forgotten

The last adventure is not long ago since the lost souls of our ancestors have been rescued and the Groms were finally defeated. Only a quick moment was left drawing one´s last breath to glory the victory.

Suddenly … loud thunder… water flowing down from heaven, burying the canyon of our ancestors in total darkness. The days go by.

All of a sudden breath gets caught … the sun pushes the clouds aside. Deep sadness captures the dragons … all souls are gone.

Nothing remains … only huge masses of water, with an enormous speed, carrying everything away. Stone walls begin to tremble and the earth begins to shake. Only a deafening rumble drowning out the rushing water … rocks fall and get swept away.

Suddenly … everything is quiet, even the water seems to freeze … something starts moving in the middle of the water and it looks as if the water starts to form itself into a final giant vortex.

The water drops and clears some of the old stone walls. What is it? Huge black holes … they look like tunnels. We must dare … we have to fly into the depth … there must be a way … we have to find the way and finally give our ancestors peace.

The darkness of the entrance gets closer and closer … it swallows us. The different paths are braided and one gets easily lost…

Everything starts turning and it is almost impossible to keep a clear head. Stars and that frantic Blue irritate all senses and our mind.

A beautiful ray of light in the middle draws our attention … peace. The exit must be there. A door opens up and swallows us. The paths are back … so many choices. We need to find the right way.

But we are not alone, you can feel it … something is watching us … it gets closer …