Dranopia Quest Part 1

 The canyon of lost souls


Dranopia has grown, new land was discovered. A huge Canyon.

At the edge, you can see on the one hand the incredible vastness of the surrounding ocean, but also the incredible depth of the gorge.

Wherever you look you see bright green. Old overgrown trees move are floating with the moist air. A small river purls in the middle.

Bizarre rock formations writhe in the height, and a soft layer of moss covering the overlying platforms.

Everywhere diamonds sparkling in the sun. The long-lost souls of our ancestors.

At last they have found their peace after the horrible catastrophe.

But what is it?

A deep black shadow flits across the gorge and a crunching noise is heard. Suddenly one of the diamonds is gone.
From the depths of the gorge a shadows rises into the sun and bares his face. A slimy, smelly, green skin is covering the creature, red veins are pumping the lifeblood through the spherical body. Even from the distance the little sharp teeth are visible in his huge mouth.

His saliva forms filaments in the mouth and drips down into the depths. Tentacles twitch around seems randomly. It’s a Grom. What a disaster this long forgotten cretures, shadows from the past, ravage this new land. They shatter soul diamonds to raven the energy of their spirits. A way must be found to avoid this. You must stop the Groms and save the souls. Get ready to enter the canyon of lost souls and become a protector of the dragon souls.