Once upon a Time

History - Once Upon a Time…where babbling brooks flushed the sparkling water into the deep clear blue lakes and nourished the rich green pastures. Giant trees whose crowns were waiving in the wind. Small leaves who fluttered onto the rich green scenery and caressed the gentle blooming flowers. Following the wind you would discover beautiful little glittering funnels from which red shimmering flames would slowly search for a way to the black stony surface. There was life everywhere. This was Dranopia, the world  of the dragons and its elements. However, the most important and most powerful element was the fifth: the Quintessence. This element has the unique power: to breathe life into lifeless objects and furthermore to provide and guarantee harmony.

History - See the CometThere were only two dragons who embodied the fifth element and who were the center of this world. Those two protected all the other dragons and ensured balance. But one day a frightful rumble sounded, the ground quaked, and the trees trembled. Suddenly, the dragons froze and looked to the sky. All of a sudden the  sky became dark and turned the world into darkness…

History CometA breeze touched the scenery, and the grasses and trees danced one last time in the wind. For a fraction of a second the earth stood still. Abruptly it was there, the bright light which rapidly came closer and unstoppable menaced to fall onto the earth. The dragons awoke from their rigidity and flew full of panic into the entrance of their cave,

History Bright Lightthey crowded together in the hope that nearness would be able to protect them. The royal couple fused into one through a desperate embrace and both closed their eyes. The light came closer and the huge fireball rushed with an unstoppable speed towards this little beautiful world.

History Comet Detonation

This impact devoured all life in an enormous detonation and a never-ending dust cloud which ate its way across the landscape.



Dead Silence

The dust started to settle down and in the middle of the desolated world something started to move. It glimmered and blinked … a Dragon, a Survivor. The last fifth element. Sadly he started to turn around in  order to understand what just had happened.

He saw nothing except dust. He slowly closed his eyes, memories flashed like little pictures in front of his eyes: green fields, small flowers, dragons who cared for their young. And then his wife, who sat beside him, radiantly beautiful. Then the darkness and the unstoppable light. He opened his eyes in which his pain and sorrow were reflected. How much he would love to have her next to him in order to ask her for advice. He looked around one more time. Stunned he paused and started to look a little closer, into  the direction of his attention.

In between of this endless world of dust he saw something and blinked to make sure that this was real. Could this be true? With hesitant motions he approached. He was able to feel  the life and realized what it was: Eggs. A feeling of hope rushed  through his body and his memories flashed back once again. Suddenly, a quiet cracking brought him back into the present. He searched for the source of the noise and discovered a small crack in a shell of one of the eggs and started to look more closer. All of a sudden the eggshells started to brake and eight small dragon babies looked at him. In each  case two of the same color. He lowered his head in order to get a clear mind and abruptly understood what he had in front of him. The foundation of all things. The four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Through which new life could newly arise.

History all Four

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