How to play

What you can win

second round

if your name is on June 1 (08.00 PDT)  at the scoreboard you win at the:

1. place: starter pack 07 (value 1850 L$)

2. place: starter pack 06 (value 500 L$)

3. place: starter pack 05 (value 500 L$)

4.-10. place: 1 Dranopia Starter Kit 04 – 01 (value 500 L$)

if you already have Dragons and don´t want a starterpack, please tell that Leni Galli, you can also have food for the value

Dranopia Quest II  – Revolt of the Forgotten

most important steps in order to play the game are:

1. get a HUD and wear it

2. choose a dragon (one of us at the egg or one of yours from your inventory)

3. fly on the dragon through the huge gate

4. collect points

The goal of the game as many points as possible to collect. Several items will help you to achieve the goal and some items will complicate your way through the labyrinth.

To earn points, you just have to fly through the objects.

Play the Game at the Region Sculptie Experiments

Some tips:

1. Use a mesh viewer (best is the actual official linden lab viewer)

2. Please activate media on a prim, otherwise you can not see the scoreboard inworld

3. Please activate your sound

4. Please make sure that your avatar does not have so many scripts, this harms the performance of the region.


At first you need a HUD to play the game. Go to the vendor  inworld that shows you the HUD and by them for 0 L$.

You get them unboxed in a folder at your inventory. By right click on then choose the wear option. Then you will see the following HUD at your display.

On the following picture, the individual fields are explained.

You need a dragon

There are two ways to get a dragon

1. Choose one of your own Dragon from your inventory and rez them at the marked location at the start area.

2. Choose one of our dragons. These are available direct at the start area. Touch the big egg, it is a temp rezzer.

Choose a dragon from the list, for example Fred Fire. When Fred is rezzed, right click on Fred and touch fly to play the game.


Each dragon has other properties. Choose wisely, with which you want to play this game.



You have at the beginning of the game 600 seconds time.

In the game you can collect more time.

The red hearts will give you more time. The maximum additional time is 600 seconds.


Objects with points


The glas coin – 5 points

The rust coin – 10 points

The rubin coin – 20 points

The silver coin – 50 points

The gold coin – 100 points








Bonus Treasure chests

To get the extra points from the treasure chests, you will need the matching color key. The key can be found in the maze. Each open chest has a value of 1500 points.

On the key itself you also get points.


Green Key – 50 points ~ Yellow Key – 50 points ~ Blue Key – 50 points ~ Red Key – 50 Points


This red heart will give you more time. The maximum additional time is 600 seconds.




This green heart will give you more condition. Grab them to get more speed. When you don´t use them you must fly very slow to exit the game. If the condition at zero, you will throw your dragon down and disappear.



Not everything is good

Several barriers hinder the direct path. There are two kinds of bad objects.

1. physical objects, those you will make it difficult to fly.

2. objects that will steal you some points.

Very bad are those objects that do both.