Circle of a dragon life

In order to create a new Dragon you will need at least one male and one female Dragon. Both need to be requested in order to “snuggle” and this is done the following:

1. Select the Dragon-Menu (Main Menu) from ONE of your Dragons.
2. Follow the Main Menu-Point <action>.
3. The Submenu will open and you will find the “snuggle” button.
4. “Click” on it.

Action main menue

Action snuggle menue

Now, your Dragon will start searching for the right “Snugglepartner” and a selection will show up in a new Menu. Select the one that you would like to “snuggle”. Both selected Dragons will ask you for your permission in order to start. Please accept both requests.

Action like to snuggle

After accepeting both requests, they will start to sing the “Dranopia Snuggle Song” and hearts will fly around. A Dragon baby can only be born through true love.

Snuggle Heart
Since the female Dragon will be pregnant, you should provide her a nest (not more than 10 meters). Those nests are available in our Shop. When the Dragon is ready to lay the egg, a bright beam of light will appear under her feet

Dranopia dragon partners and nest Pregnant dragon and light beam

Now go back to the <action> button in the Main Menu and “click” on the <lay an egg> button in the Sub Menu. The expectant Dragon mother will sense the nest and the Dragon egg will appear. Afterwards, you are able to “touch” the new egg. A new Menu will show up where you are able to “click” on the button <bread out>.

Dragon Mum with egg Action bread out menue

It will not take long until the little Dragon baby will break the eggshell and show his little head. Not until then you will know what kind of Dragon, with what kinds of characteristics, will be born. Your Dragon will not age at this point of time and does not have any needs. You are able to keep this kind of status for ever.

Dragon Mum with open egg Action menue awake

If you “touch” the little Dragon baby again you are able to <awake> him through the Menu. The Dragon baby will now transform into a “TeenDragon”. Please wait one or two minutes before you will let the Dragon baby “awake”. As well as the Dragon adults also the TeenDragon will have the need for well-being and food. Still, at this point of time you will not be able to let him “fly” or “snuggle”. This phase will last for two days until he turns into an adult Dragon with all its needs. This adult Dragon is able to produce offspring for the next 90 days and is able to live forever when being treated right. According to whether your new Dragon will be hungry or how high his well-being will be varies upon the process of breeding. There will always be sole custody for the female Dragon, in case both Dragons do NOT belong to only one Dranopia User.

Dragon Mum with teen