Farewell of a Dragon

A Dragon is able to leave you in two different ways.

First way:

The unpleasant way is when your Dragon will starve to death. While starving to death the Dragon will first turn black, leaves you and finally die.




second way:

The Path of Ancients

The pleasant way is in case of releasing your Dragon. This can be done by going to the Path of Ancients on the Dranopia Region.

Right there you will be able to release your Dragon into freedom and thereby collect gem stones.

Your Dragon will say GoodBye and leave a crystal behind in order to be remembered by you. That special crystal can be kept as a souvenir and is able to give you ongoing information about your released dragon and its ancestors.

You get also a so called Dranopia Express Card from the stone of ancestors. Wear the card when you release your dragon. If you forget it, no problem the stone will remember you.

how the path works:

Pack the dragon (which you want to give back) into your inventory.

Embark on the way to the “path of ancients.”

Wear the Dragon, that you want to set free, as a shoulderpet.




Go through the magic gate and follow the old path. There you will see the last remnants of the magnificent old temples.

Four golden arches protect the precious stone of the ancestors.

Be brave, go to him. Touch it and sit on it.

Then, a menu will be open, and ask you if you want waer your Dranopia Express Card, when you don´t wear it.

If you sit on the stone then will open the next menu. There you will see the main data to your dragon and how many gem stones you would get for this dragon. In addition, you will be asked whether you want to let this dragon freely.

If you want to free your dragon you should be touch the  “yes” button. Because this step can not be undone, then will again be asked if you’re really sure you return your dragon.

If you say “yes”…your avatar will now perform a small dance of joy, to say goodbye to the dragon. At the same time turn your dragon, into a beautiful diamond. This diamond you helps you to remember what Dragon has lived with you.

Your dragon is very happy that you let him go and tell it to you also pay attention to the local chat. At the same time you will get the gem stones automaticly on your Card, please make sure that you don´t have the “busy” status.

You can set it up as a memorial at your home. If you want to know what is hidden in the diamond dragon, touch him. Also your friends and visitors can make that.

We look forward to your dragons.

If you continue the walk on the path, then you go through the exit and behind them are the terminals  where you can redeem your gem stones.