What food do you need…

First, please pay attention that you provide the right food, which is similar to the birth element of your Dragon.  If you want to know which birth element (ascendix) your dragon has, touch in the main menu <Info> and the the button <Stats> and then you will get the Information in the local chat.

On the following picture you will see an overview of food types. Each dragon eats his favorite food corresponding birth element. For example, a fire dragon that has a birth element of water, preferably the ice cream (as single food) or the blue crystal (as food package). You can offer your dragon also common food, it does not matter which element of birth, he has.

Dranopia Food Description

If I have the food what I do with it?

Place the food anywhere in the particular surrounding area of your Dragon, please pay close attention that you place the food within a radius of 100 meter which is surrounding the Dragon. Food that is not placed within that radius will not be eaten. In case you have many different kinds of Dragons, you will also have the possibility to use an Energy-Source. This Energy-Source enables you to provide more and all different kinds of foods for your Dragons, except the “Candies”. More about the Energy source you can read here.

Are there any special food?

A special type of food is the so called “Candy”, which will  increase harmony and  also reduce the hunger of the Dragon. More tips about the Harmony you can read at the Tips and Tricks page here, or at the Manual.

 If your dragon is a pensioner…

At the age of 90 days your dragon is a pensioner. Now he can no longer breed, but continue to fly with you. Your dragon will not die, he lives forever, if you continue to treat him well. This includes feeding. After the 90 days it is important to know that your dragon needs twice as much food. So two units of food per day.