Every Dragon has its own harmony, which composes out of various factors.

1. How hungry is your Dragon

2. How often do you fly with it

3. How many harmony objects surround the Dragon

In order to provide him a comfortable atmosphere you can create a nice surrounding through harmony objects.
Those objects increase the overall well-being of your Dragons. Again, please pay close attention to place all objects near the dragons, which means the Dragons will only recognize the harmony objects within a radius of 100 meter and having the same element. The higher the well-being of your Dragon, the better the flight quality and the quality of his offspring will be.

Dranopia Harmony

Please pay close attention that your Dragons will get those harmony objects which match his birth element (ascendix). You are able to identify that through the sign of his birth element on the vendor or in the description line of the object itself. If you want to know which birth element (ascendix) your dragon has, touch in the main menu <Info> and the the button <Stats> and then you will get the Information in the local chat.

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