What are Dranopia dragons?

Dranopia Dragons are a new kind of breedable animals. You are not just able to breed your own Dragons the way you want them to look but also how you want them to fly. Each Dragon has different genetic qualities affecting the appearance and flight behavior. As a new and exlusive feature in Second Life®, we offer you the opportunity to wear your Dragons as a Shoulderpet. This possibility has the advantage that you are able to take your Dranopia Dragons everywhere you want to go and in addition to that, you have the chance to meet new Snugglepartners and thus snuggle wherever you want.

What can I do with Dranopia dragons?

You are able to breed them, you are able to let them fly, and you are able to wear the Dragons as Shoulderpets and thus snuggle everywhere you want in Second Life®.

Which different kinds of flight qualities do the dragons have?

Depending on what kind of birth element your dragon has, different kinds of characteristic´s are more or less distinctive. Air = Agility, Fire = Speed, Water = Stamina, Earth = Stability. The more you breed your Dragons the better the individual flight qualities will be.

Am I able to fly with the dragons?

Yes, you are able to fly with the Dranopia Dragons, simply by using the arrow keys in order to control. They are not an attachment.

Where can I get them?

Either in our shop or on the Marketplace

What else do I need?

In order to give your Dragons a living environment and rez them InWorld, you need to have a bit of land and you will also need food. If you would like to breed, you will need a male and a female Dragon. In order to hatch an egg you will need a nest, which you can also buy in our shop. If you would like to improve the well-being of your Dragons, you can continue to buy so-called harmony objects.

How many dragons do I need for breeding?

You need at least one male and one female Dragon. Still, it does not matter from which Circula the Dragons are or what kinds of birth elements the two dragons have.

What are Circula?

Circula are stages of development within the breed. There are several Circula, whereby you are able to find the highest attainable Dragon in the last Circula. The higher the respective Circula the better your dragons features will be.

What does “snuggle” mean?

It is a magical moment when two dragons “snuggle”. You are only able to beget Dragon babies through this way.

What are birth elements?

As Dranopia awoke, there were only four different kinds of elements: fire, earth, air and water. These four elements pass on their genes. Every new born Dragon has one of these Dragons as their origin and thus exactly one of these fixed birth elements.

What kind of food is there?

There are special food items for each birth element. But you are also able to buy the common food which every Dragon is able to eat. In addition to that, you can treat your Dragons with Candys.

Why do I need harmony objects?

Only if your Dragons feel comfortable they will have the best flight qualities and achieve the best breeding results.

What affects the harmony of my Dragons?

You are able to affect the well-being of your dragons through food, flying and harmony objects.

How long will my dragon live?

An adult Dragon lives forever when it will be well treated. However, your Dragons are only able to produce offspring during the first 90 days.

My Dragon is getting darker, what does this mean?

This means that your Dragon needs food and you should feed it as soon as possible. If the Dragon turns black and is not moving anymore, there is only one way to save its life through a heal kit and food. You will find both in our shop. Otherwise, within 10 days, your Dragon will be lost forever.

My Dragon is not able to fly, what can I do?

If your Dragon refuses to fly, it is because it is hungry and needs to be fed as soon as possible. Or the Dragon has no stamina to fly and therefore needs a little breather. Your Dragon will always inform you in the chat dialogue.

How can I allow my friends to fly my Dragons?

You are able to specify who is allowed to fly your Dragons in the Dragon-Menu. There are three possibilities: only you as the owner, your group (you need to activate your group before you rez your Dragon), or all users in Second Life®.

My Dragon does not move and/or the Menu does not show, what can I do?

Please contact the Support Team.

My Dragon does not eat any food, what is the reason?

Your Dragon is either full or you have given him the wrong food, pay attention to the birth element and buy the right food or the common food. In case your Dragon turns black, it is because the Dragon is too sick to eat. It will need the heal kit before it is able to ingest.

What happens if I take my Dragon back into my inventory?

You have the possibility to take your Dragons back into the inventory, at any time. At this point of time, the Dragons do not need any food and/or harmony objects. Nevertheless, your Dragons will get older every day.

What should I do, if I am not in Second Life® for a longer time and I will be unable to take care of my Dragons?

Either take the Dragons back into the inventory, or make sure that they have enough food available.

I do not want to keep all may Dragons, what can I do with them?

You are able to give them away to other Second Life® Users or release them on the Dranopia region, in order to let them keep living in freedom.