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The way to success…


Hello Breeders,
I´m Ciaran Maktoum, Scripter of the Dranopia team. In my first post want to give some hints how to successfully breed.
Some information about how it is determined what kind of dragon comes out of the egg:
Each dragon has a genome made out of several single genes. Each gene can be water, earth, fire, air [...]

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and the winners are…


the Dranopia Quest game is over. The 10 winners are:
1.  Cap Lowey -on- Fred Fire -with- 400 -Pts
2. Qwark Allen -on- Pascal Air -with- 294 -Pts
3. Zeina Zehetbauer -on- Leonie Air -with- 265 -Pts
4. Ember Neximus -on- Leonie Air -with- 265 -Pts
5. Ladro Slade -on- Leonie Air -with- 242 -Pts
6. Sioda Ulrik -on- Leonie Air [...]

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How do you present your own Dranopia nests?


There are three good ways to draw attention to another breeder that you would like to share a nest.

1.  Present your nest on your land
There, you should set up your nests and make the information easily accessible to visitors.
For example:
~ what gender is this dragon?
~ what kind is it?
~ which generation is it?
All other information [...]

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need a clear view?

clear view02


Do you have a problem with the look of your dragons when they move?
You see balls when they fly?
We have a solution for that problem, our so called “Lag eraser”. You can get them for free at our Welcome area or at our Inworld-shop.
The “Lag eraser” has 28 Prims. It can either attach it to [...]

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Dranopia Awakes. The Adventure Begins – Be Part Of It!

Dranopia Land

Until today, there was nothing, only darkness and silence could be felt. But then, finally, dawn reached the edge of Dranopia and it started to become alive.

Help to repopulate Dranopia and make it become alive.

The Four Elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth…The Foundation of all Things, through which new Life is able to arise – [...]

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A Magic Place

Visit us in Second Life® and discover the magic place of Dranopia

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Circle of Life

An adult Dragon lives forever when it will be well treated. Take a look at the first Circula and see the four basic dragons based on the elements of life.

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Dranopia is Breathtaking

Check out the fantastic Dranopia products on the SL® Marketplace

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Dranopia is going to awake soon!

The wonderful adventure of Dranopia is going to awake soon… Stay tuned and join this fantastic adventure…

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