These Terms of Service apply to every Dranopia product

Dranopia Store Policy

No money refunds once purchased. We are not obligated to refund a customer for the following reasons: wrongful purchase, impulse purchasing, bored of product, not what customer expected etc. We will give the customer the product that they had intended to purchase, when it get lost. We try always to find a fair way to solve a problem. Please contact always our support team when you have a problem that is not explained at the manual site.

When contacting us please provide as much information as you can write about your problem. (Date of purchase, who has bought, what was bought, what happened etc) If you send us an e-mail please do not forget to put your inworld name indicated. We try as quickly as possible to help, but this can sometimes take up to 3 days, we hope you understand.

Manipulation and illegal duplication

The Dranopia team retains the copyrights in our products and their content. We ask you not to delete the scripts. Products that have been manipulated will not be replaced. Any kind of illegal copying of our products will lead to expulsion from the Dranopia project and will be shown at Linden Lab via DMCA, and also causes all this content will be deleted from the inventory.

Owner Care Policy

Dragons are purchased in our store, will immediately become the responsibility of the owner. When you’re not stays long time in Second Life, please meet all precautions so that it goes well your dragons. More information on this on this topic can be found on the manual site.

Resale and “Second Owner”

We allow the sale of our products to other users in Second Life. We are for “second owner” as well as support staff there, when we know who is the original customer. Please note that when you buy a “second owner” Dragon.

Banned accounts and Alt accounts

We are not responsible for how you take care of your Dragons that you have purchased from us. We cannot help you if your account with our Dragons was banned, locked, or otherwise unreachable from Second Life, this is something you will have to take up with the staff of Second Life. We will not replace any products to another account due to those reasons that deal with Linden Labs directly. Any and all products you have had on your banned or locked account will not and can not be restored to your new account, you will have to repurchase them from our store or contact Linden Labs to restore your account.

We  reserves the right to change, edit or modify the terms of service at any time that we find necessary as well as make a judgement call for any situation not listed within the current ToS.